Friday, June 29, 2012

Loving other writers...

...but, not in that way... :) I am such a YA writer groupie. I have LOTS of girl crushes on writers I admire. Lots of times, I admire them soley for their writing. Sometimes, though, it's their blogs and Twitter feeds that make me so smitten.

I think the reason is because admiration is such a better quality than jealousy. A lot of them have these great, great blogs/twitter identities/books/panels at conferences/reputations, etc. and that is most certainly what I'd like to have, too.

The writers I like best seem to have a sense of humor similar to mine -- what I like to call "nice sarcastic" and a little self-depricating. Maureen Johnson is a great example of this. Her about/bio page on her website is hilarious and really makes me want to hang out with her. And isn't that what we all want in the end, as authors and as people? To be likeable? I mean, really, who wants to read the books of a total jerk.

I remember when Fiona Apple got really big in the 90s and she was just such a witch about her fame. Ungrateful and nasty. Maybe that was her persona, and I still bought her record. But I wasn't a super-fan. She has a voice that is phenomenal - a pre-cursor to the Amy Winehouses and Adeles. But no one wants to root for someone who insults their audience. So Fiona slipped into oblivion. If you want to be a successful author, oblivion probably isn't idea. Not for singers either.

Anyway, one of my FAVORITE blog posts of all times is this one by Kiersten White. Another author I admire greatly, White has an excellent sense of humor. Both her and Johnson, among others, are great bloggers/tweeters to follow.

For now, I'll keep crushing -- until, of course, I will inevitably end up meeting one of them, sounding like a moron, and blushing beet red. I am SO smooth. ;)

*Disclaimer - this is not meant to be creepy. Does it sound creepy?*

Who are some writers you love?

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